West Branch Engineering & Consulting PLLC
Saratoga Springs, NY

NYS Assembly Chandelier Rigging Inspection, Albany, NY Inspect rigging of heavy, historical chandeliers.
Farm Bridge, Greenfield, NY
Design bridge to access property.
Diving, Village of Saranac Lake, NY
Bulkhead design and diving inspection.

Heavy Marine, Mechanicville, NY
Design temporary steel columns to support crest gate during hydraulic cylinder removal. Create construction procedure plan.
Water Intake, City of Mechanicville, NY
Design water intake structure. Create construction procedure plan.

Galway Lake Gate Operator, Galway Lake, NY
Equipment selection to control water flow from lake outlet structure.
Binninger Bridge, Town of Salem, Washington Co. NY
Field Engineering. Historical restoration of stone abutments. Post tension timber decking.

Trail Bridge, Town of Malta, NY
Value Engineer wood construction details.
Skidmore College Building Envelope, Saratoga Springs, NY. Field Engineering.

Sheet Piling For Bridge Foundation.  

Late 1700's original building renovated in 1812 with newer, poor quality rear addition not worth saving.
Rear addition not worthy of saving.  

Poor quality addition removed. Demo inferior addition saving fireplaces and beehive oven, design and build new.

New footings for new basement to replace crawlspace. New basement walls replacing very shallow crawlspace walls.