West Branch Engineering & Consulting PLLC
Saratoga Springs, NY
West Branch Engineering & Consulting PLLC (WBE&C) is an engineering and consulting firm owned by Darren Tracy, PE and specializes in the areas listed below. Mr. Tracy has extensive construction experience, applied engineering experience and field engineering experience, which distinguishes himself from most Professional Engineers.
  • Construction Consulting Identifying best practices, cost effective designs and details. Ideal sounding board for building owners and developers new to real estate investments and even helpful to the most experienced. WBE&C can be a valuable link between owners and contractor or between owners and architects (particularly in the early design phase).

  • Building Science – Identify what to do and not to do. Tighter, better insulated buildings are important for energy efficiency, but can create significant problems if not detailed properly.

  • Structural Engineering – Structural member sizing and inspections of existing (example – roof inspections for solar systems).

  • Design – New structures, septic systems.

  • Forensic Engineering – Determine the cause of a failure or problem.

  • Building Maintenance – Identify details and preventative maintenance measures that will save money.

  • Historic Preservation – Knows what will and won't work. Can identify cost effective solutions.

  • Real Estate Consulting – Mr. Tracy has developed, owned and managed real estate investments for 25 years. He also has 30 years construction experience (25 of which owning a construction firm) and is a licensed Professional Engineer. In combination, these experiences and skills are very useful in the real estate industry.